The Low, Lyth, circa 1908

South Low Farm, circa 1908

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Update (Jan. 2016) ...


This site has languished now for several years but I am now in the process of updating and revising it. I will resurrect pages when I have had a long think and decided where the site is going but it is likely that it will primarily be a personal record of what has happened here at South Low for the past 18 years.

In the meantime I have removed many links that were out of date and I am in the process of introducing a few pictures of our latest travels.

I have updated most of the Land Rover pages with the later modifications to the 127 and also the demise of the Series 3 !!!

The site is mainly for the benefit of family and friends. However if you have stumbled upon it I hope you find it interesting, or even useful, and if you would like to make a comment you will find my email below or you can leave a message on the Guestbook page (also below).




The Land Rover Series 2B - Forward Control


The latest acquisition

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