The Tea and Flapjack Ensemble



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The soirees

We meet, generally, at South Low every couple of weeks or so.

For the first hour we practice an ensemble piece that’s we are working on with the intention of performing it, sometime, at the South Lakeland Guitar Club. Our first performance was in August 2018. Have a listen…


Purcell Fairy Queen Rondeau for 4 Guitars

After tea and Jean’s flapjack we might play various solo pieces are working on or further short ensemble pieces.


The Xmas Bash

At the 5th of December Club meeting another performance that went reasonably well. We started with Little Donkey and then Granados Vals Poeticos. My performance nerves somewhat spoilt the Little Donkey and although Jean filmed it I don’t really want to keep it for posterity. The Vals Poeticos went better although it is a lot harder.

Jean made the following recording on her phone (and a pity, but missed the first few bars). A rather nervous performance but could have been a lot worse! I'm playing the melody by-the-way and Derek the accompaniment.


John giving the intro.

Vals Poeticos by Granados arranged for two guitars.