Opening up the bulkhead

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Having to get out of the cab and open up the back door to get into the "living quarters" did not seem to be a good idea particularly if the weather was foul. It looked practical to cut through and open up the rear bulkhead without losing any structural integrity.  This is the result. Taking out the glass fibre hatch-way through to the rear also allowed the front seats to be set back a further 2 inches or so that made the driving position a lot more comfortable.


Click on the images below for a bigger picture.

The hatch way trim has been removed, part of the bulkhead cut away and a floor panel fitted.

Timber strengthening pieces have been shaped to fit between the Land Rover cab and the plywood bulkhead of the rear body

This is how it looks with some aluminium angle uprights for strength and trim and some carpet lining the back of the cab with the top of the cutout bulkhead finished off with some pieces of oak.