The Camper Van Conversion

The first version - 2008/9

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As mentioned before, after I 'retired' to South Low the camper van ambition was re-kindled and I built the roof tent and converted the Series 3. A trip to Brittany was a near disaster; the Series 3 was old, noisy and uncomfortable and really too small. Jean took some persuading but eventually I got the go-ahead and started looking for a 127 Ambulance (I had briefly tried a 101 but this was firmly rejected!).

A lot of thought and trial and error went into the conversion. I also did quite a bit of research into other conversions that were detailed on the www. The available space is pretty small; less that 6 feet wide and about 8ft 6in long. A double bed longwise, which seemed the most popular, almosts fills the space; a double bed cross-wise would have been a good option (and I might yet try it out) but it did not seem to be the most efficient use of the space. I had in mind using the vehicle as a mobile office/radio shack so I needed space for a desk. I eventually opted for double bunks. After a bit of trial and error the result was as shown in the following pictures (April 2008).


Click on the images below for a bigger picture.

The upper bunk folded up
and the seat bases, making
up the lower bunk, in place.

The upper bunk folded down
with futon in place.

Construction details of the upper bunk with folding piano hinges lenghthwise,
angle iron and end support.


The kitchen unit followed. Initially the toilet was to be housed under the desk but this didn't work so it ended up under the dog!

Pumped water supply

Kitchen unit with hob and gas fridge salvaged from caravan.

Rear of unit

Desk with porta-potti
stored beneath.

The desk unit and gaz storage is shown below and the dog accommodation with toilet below!

Gas cylinders and hot water boiler in place of Eberspacher heater

Head of security




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