The Camper Van Conversion

The third version - 2014

and the raising of the roof.

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Demise of the pop-top

I was quite proud of my pop-up roof when I built it a couple of years ago. However it turned out to have some terminal design and construction faults. The materials were not up to the job and the timber framework has started to go rotten. The gas struts were pushing at some 100 kgs away from the hinge, on the front, and the whole structure had started to curl up; it has stretched about half and inch over the two years! Also when the temperature was below zero outside even with a four season sleeping bag it got a bit chilly sleeping on what was the roof.

Having had a close good look at Dream Catcher (Les and Jane's 127) raising the roof so seemed the best option having now got a 127 with a large hole where the roof should be; I discounted Chris’s (I believe) earlier suggestion of the Toulouse-Lautrec operation.

So the old roof is off and the new roof, 8 inches higher is on. I took the opportunity to open out the area over the cab (Locomotors) and now have a bunk along the near-side with my feet into the space over the cab.

I used the framework from the existing roof and 12 legs were welded onto the frame lifting the structure by 8 inches; I have a friend who can weld aluminium that is a bit beyond my capabilities. I bought 500 pop-rivets and clad the roof with 1mm aluminium and 3mm plywood lining on the inside with insulation between. The ceiling and parts of the side were lined with glued-on van lining carpet which is excellent stuff.

The roof height inside is 5ft. 11 inches; a slight miscalculation as I had aimed for 6ft, but now much more comfortable than previous.


Spain 2015 - with the new roof.

Click on the images below
for a bigger picture.

Roof off - pop top retained
to keep the rain off

'Ceiling' removed.

Original framework cut to size
and roof sides and legs welded on.

The view from above.

Riveted on and aluminium
roof sheet in place

Plywood ceiling and
insulation going in.

Area over the cab opened out.
Note the Landrover truck cab exposed.

Bed over cab and support
structure to left.
Roof lining fitted over plywood.


Double bed in place

Single bunk version

Futon mattreses refurbished and.. furniture installed.