Some Landrover Pictures

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The 127 line-up at Peterborough 2009 



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The "Land Rover 127/130 ambulance owners and enthusiasts register" (what a title!) meets up
once a year to exchange designs and generally talk Land Rovers.
In 2009 we met at the Land Rover Owner International Show at Peterborough.
Here is a line-up of the club members who made it.


Some more pictures of the 127

North Pennines Raynet Group .

Operating from the top of Shap
(A6) in the 127.



The 109

A few pictures of the 109 - now retired from everyday use.

The 109 Series 3.
Camping in Bahrain

At work in the wood.

Up in the wood one Winter

The 109 with sink and cooker unit.

The roof box for the 109, later turned into a roof tent - and then on top of Tim's Land Rover

Camping in Brittany with the 109.
I couldn't persuade Jean to use the roof tent!


Camping in the wood with
the grandchildren.

Tim's Defender

(this was sadley stolen and torched in 2015)

Tim used the 109's roof tent for some years before it decayed.

On holiday in Brittany.

In the wood with the roof tent