France and Spain - 2016

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Chez Clive

View from Clive's House


A schist 'slate' from Clive's house


This trip followed discussions at the 2015 AGM of the Land Rover 127… Group that was organised by John Diggles at a campsite near to Settle. It was evident that the organisation of the Mongolia trip, that had been allocated to Clive (in absentia) was not progressing as quickly as it might so it was agreed (unanimously and again in absentia) that the next AGM would be held at Clive’s to assist him with the expedition programming.

I thought it polite to ask Clive first before we all turned up; but he seemed delighted (well almost!) at the prospect.

Jean and I took the opportunity to visit Tricia, who lives a bit further south of Clive on the Med. Coast, and who we had not seen for decades.

We crossed in to France from Portsmouth to Le Havre returning from Bilbao staying at Jean’s favourite campsite (amongst others en route) the Rio Vero Campsite near to Alquézar.

And inevitably ending up at Michels



So, where's Clive?

Carbasse, Coubisou, 12190, France.

The house is called Carbasse, there’s no street name.

Street View goes up the single lane road from the D22 and passes the bottom of Clive's lane at Sarrus.

GPS:- 44.572950, 2.727859


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La maison de Clive

Clive's 2017 001.jpg
Clive's 2017 002.jpg
Clive's 2017 003.jpg
Clive's 2017 004.jpg


The gathering

Clive's 2017 005.jpg
Clive's 2017 006.jpg
Clive's 2017 007.jpg
Clive's 2017 008.jpg


The get-together at the Village Hall

Clive's 2017 009.jpg
Village Hall and
car boot sale
Clive's 2017 010.jpg
Car boot sale
Clive's 2017 011.jpg
Someone trying to
sell me onions.
Clive's 2017 012.jpg


Around and about Chez Clive

Clive's 2017 013.jpg
Clive's misletoe
Clive's 2017 014.jpg
Clive's neighbour
Clive's 2017 015.jpg
Clive's 2017 016.jpg
Clive's 2017 017.jpg
Clive's 2017 018.jpg



Clive's 2017 019.jpg
Clive's 2017 020.jpg
Clive's 2017 021.jpg



Tricia 2017 001.jpg
Tricia 2017 002.jpg
Tricia 2016
Tricia 2017 003.jpg
Tricia's house
Tricia 2017 004.jpg


Return, over the Pyrenees to Bilbao

Return 2017 001.jpg
Return over the Pyranees
Return 2017 002.jpg
Top of the pass
Return 2017 003.jpg
Hot and dry
somewhere in Spain



Return 2017 004.jpg
Return 2017 005.jpg
Return 2017 006.jpg
Return 2017 007.jpg
Return 2017 008.jpg
Return 2017 009.jpg
Rio Vero

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