Spain 2014

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Our passage through Spain in 2014 was somewhat overshadowed by the trip around Morocco although it was in itself it was quite memorable.

We stopped off at Castrojeriz for a few days with Gabriel and his family and he got us out of bed to see the Scops owl.
We travelled on to Monfrague and then to Cordoba and on to Laguna de Piedra, where the birding was excellent, and where we saw the ladder snake. The reserve is well worth a visit.

While here we visited Torcal de Antequera where we met up with Peter Gawn-Cain before dashing off to Tarifa where we caught the ferry to Morocco.

The trip back was a little more hurried staying briefly at a camp site on the southern coast and then near to Seville, Las Tres Hermanas (Camping Villsom - they don't seem to have a web site), on to Monfrague and then to Michel’s house near Bilbao.

We took very few photos while in Spain this year but then we had visited most of the places in previous trips. However here is a small selection.


View from our bedroom at Michel's in the Picos.

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Scops owl at Castro Jerez

Clock at Cordoba Cathedral

Ladder snake near to
Fuente de Piedra

Torcal de Antequera


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Torcal de Antequera

Southern Spain




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Rural scene at Monfrague

Carpet of orchids


The Picos

Michel's dog