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The Boiler room (2012)

The biomass boiler and thermal
storage tank or accumulator

The 12v system for the led lighting in the house and the restored Lister diesel that is conected to a 12v alternator for emergencies. (2015)

Logs drying in the boiler room.



The Pit - everyone should have one (2003)

East wall

Shuttering for west wall

Early use


After a few years

A new roof for the peat stores (2005)


The roof was in poor condition and a gale finished it off.

Re-slated and new Velux windows

The east side


The garden wall (2009)

One winter’s night when it rained and rained the retaining wall at the top of the garden collapsed into the orchard.

Joel Crompton, Matt Park and the ‘Terra Firma’ team rebuilt the wall which was a fairly major exercise. Because of the quantity of material behind the wall that had slumped down into the orchard it was only practical to rebuild the wall about 2 metres further east and now, because of the slope of the orchard, it had to be quite a bit higher. Also it was convenient to take out the kink in the wall but we ended up with a much larger and more useful level area than before and also had a very impressive wall that Matt was justifiably proud.


The area before the collapse.

The new level area.

The high wall.



The wash house rebuild (2010).

Matthew and Ollie rebuilt the washhouse in 2010. It is now very useful as Jean's garden shed but it would make quite a nice bothy.


When we first moved in

The wall facing the road
looks a bit sad...

...and the roof lets in water







The new garage.


The pig sty and outside toilet were falling down..

..but this is looking serious

But the end result, slated and with the photovoltaics installed - well, pretty good!

The canopy under construction

Health and safety?


With the ground-mounted photovoltaics relocated.