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While we have been restoring South Low we have gleaned some idea as to how it evolved into the, rather hotch-potch, dwelling as it is now. I will be putting this in writing some time soon but in the meantime here are some contributions by others on the "residential" rather than structural history of the house.

Click HERE for a summary of families who have lived in South Low compiled by Hartley Trotter.


John Wilson - 'statesman' farmer.
This picture would have hung at South Low for a time after his death.



An account of a Westmorland farming family

by John Townson.

John has chronicled the Lyth Valley branch of the Townson family through more than 300 years and saw how, for 200 years, they remained self-contained and more or less self sufficient at Low in the Lyth Valley.

John gave me this script for inclusion on the Parish web site in 2009. Rather than add a link I have reproduced it here.

The Townsons of Lyth

Will of Leonard Townson

Frederick Townson - notes



South Low has had several different names over the centuries. Here is a list of previous residents mainly from Hartley Trotter's researches

RESIDENTS AT - Law,   The Low,    Low Farm,   South Low Farm,    South Low.

1535 Christopher Parnters (possibly)
1630 Thomas Brigs
Thomas Dacre A messuage given to 
1654 Miles Rowlandson Tanner
James Rowlandson? (son)
1659 John Cartmell Yeoman farmer
1665 Leonard Townson From Fell End Witherslack
1672 Thomas Townson (son) married Agnes Garrett Has land at Draw Well near to Law
1689 Thomas Townson Has lease of tenement at Law
1697 William Townson(son) Occupied some of the land
1700 Thomas Townson died Agnes stays in residence
1705 William Townson Conveyance of house from Agnes
1709 William marrried Mary Barrow of Broadbeck
1734 James Townson died (unsure where he fits into family tree)
1745 William Townson died  House to passed Thomas (brother)
1749 Thomas Townson died The house passed to brother Leonard
1750 James Dacre  born
1749 Thomas died House to Leonard (brother)
------ Leonard died intestate House to Thomas (son)
------ Thomas m. Elizabeth
1772 James Dacre Lived at the Law
1793 Thomas died  House and farm to Robert
1802 Robert Townson married Mary Wilson
1861 Robert Townson aged 75  
1860s South Low sold to Argles  
1873 Robert Townson died

South Low was then occupied by the Trotter family and later by the Park family. Colin Park’s grandfather, Joseph, moved to South Low around 1909, taking over from the Trotter family. Joseph Park’s son, Edgar, followed on from his father at South Low until 2000.


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