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The Auction



The Study (2001)

The Bunkroom (2001)

The New Bedroom (2002-03)

The Back Parlour (2004-06)

The west wall, windy alley and sewerage (2002-04)

Outside (2000 - present)



The History of South Low 




A bit of background

We bought South Low in 2000. It was intended as a retirement project and I don't think anyone would question that we had taken quite a lot on. It was in poor condition; not derelict by any means (we had looked at some houses that were) but certainly, in part, dilapidated.

Our intention was to make it as comfortable as we could while retaining as many of its original features as we felt was appropriate. It was not a restoration project; we were not intending to return it to any former state that it might have been at some point in its long history. We certainly wanted conveniences that would be found in most houses of the 21st century; but we did not want a new house in an old shell that you see in some modern barn conversions.

There was no plan; things evolved. Features were discovered as we set about the project that we never might have expected. Opportunities also arose by way of new materials, experience and ideas from others.

We took photographs as we went along and have kept an album of progress over the past decade - and more. Many of our friends have however said “why don’t you write it all down before you forget what you have done and found”. Everybody agreed that would be a good idea; actually doing it, or rather getting around to it, was rather more challenging.

The web site however has given me a bit of a spur and also does seem to be the best way of recording what we have done – I’m less likely to lose the file. Also, as with the rest of the web site, you never know, someone else might actually find it of interest.


Like all things in our lives this will evolve. To start with a chronological order seemed the most appropriate way of organising the records but Jean thought that room-by-room might also work as at times we had several different areas of the house in disarray. We will see; I think Jean’s idea is probably the best.

I also intend to put together something about the history of the property and the people who have been born, lived their lives and died at South Low Farm. History and genealogy though are not particular interests of mine and I have drawn on others for this.

The links to the side will take you to some pages that I have started (and also some that I haven’t!). There will be some anecdotes, thoughts, ideas and also lots of DiY. I hope you find it of some interest.

September 2015.


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