Spain - 2016

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Even the Calle Mayor (main street) sometimes feels a bit tight!


Not as relaxed as last year as I wanted to visit southern Spain. We set off from Bilbao, spent one night at Tordesillas and then five nights at Monfrague before driving down to El Rocio.

Itinerary as follows

Tordesillas http://www.campingelastral.es/
Monfrague http://www.campingmonfrague.es/
El Rocio http://www.campinglaaldea.com/
Hinojos www.donarrayan-park.com
Alcalá de los Gazules http://campinglosgazules.com/
Ronda http://www.campingelsur.com/es/
Humilladero http://www.lasierrecilla.com/
La Menas http://www.campinglasmenasdeseron.com/es
Sant Elena http://www.campingdespenaperros.com
Horcajo de los Montes http://www.campingcabaneros.com
Monfrague http://www.campingmonfrague.es/
Salamanca http://www.campingdonquijote.com/
Castrojeriz Castrojeriz http://www.campingcamino.com/
Ametzola http://www.ametzola.net/inglesindex.htm


Also for future reference I did an detailed breakdown of cost - click on Spain 1916 - costs (excluding ferry) if you'r interested.



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Dehessa, Monfrague





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Sweet Acorns - Quercus rotundifolia catkins

Water boatman with 'headlights'


Molino de la Ferreria

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Molino de la Ferreria


Sendero de Virgen...



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A road side refuge

Michel's clock, that I covet!

Us with our host


Michel's house and garden