Holidays and Days Away

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This is more of a diary or a record of trips for Jean and me to ponder over in our dotage. However some of the family might like to take a look at our various perambulations and, you never know, some might even be interesting. I'll be adding some of our more recent trips in the coming months. But to start with, and to see how it goes, here are ......

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Morocco with Naturetreck in 2006.


India 2007

A little about about our first few days in India with Liz.

India birds - a small selection of some of the birds and animals we saw while we were with Liz.

Birds seen in Barbados 2008

On our Caribean with Linda and Robin

Ethiopia 2010

Spain - 2011

The first trip overseas in the Red Bus

Spain - 2012 and 2013

Spain 2014

On the way and the way back after our Moroccan trip.

Morocco 2014

The big expedition!

La Palma - 2015 for the winter sun.

Spain - 2015

Norway - 2015 for the northern lights.

Spain - 2016

La Palma

France and Spain - 2016

Spain - 2017



Scotland 2008 and 2009

A few days in Northumberland