The 127

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I bought it in 2006 from Peter Akass who had used it as a works vehicle in his business of providing special effects for the film industry.

It came with the standard 3500 cc V8 petrol engine and had been fitted a LPG system but I prefer the reliabilty and availability of diesel and opted to have a 300tdi installed. This was done by Liveridge in Solihull (Liveridge British 4X4). They also fitted new (re-manufactured) gearbox and transfer box. I was well pleased with their service to start with but the gearbox failed dramatically 18 months later although the engine still seems OK 2016) - and they were relatively cheap.

Other mechanical modifications I have done myself over the years including an upgrading of the rear suspension, building a spare wheel carrier for the back and a slimmed down roof rack, adding an electric cooling fan and generally tinkering with the electrics. I have also fitted a substantially larger intercooler and the exisitn gone

And not least of all converting it to a camper van.

So here are some other pages where I have described and illustrated some of the various modifications.

Why a 127? A bit of background

Uprading the rear supension - The rear suspension

Opening up the rear bulkhead - The bulkhead

A rear carrrier for the spare wheel - The spare wheel

Side locker and jerry can stowage - Locker


...and the objective -

The Camper Van - version 1 (2008/09)

The Camper Van - version 2 and the pop-up roof (2010/14)

The Camper Van - version 3 and the raising of the roof (2014...)



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